Reasons To Travel: Because Traveling Is Living!

Twice have I had the urge to emulate one of my childhood heroes: Sir Phileas Fogg . Jules Verne’s character was for me a lion, accompanied by a cat and a mouse on their adventures around the world. A very elegant lion, all be said. Blessed cartoons of the time. I made the first trip around the world in 2003-2004, the second in 2011 and in 2008 I spent 7 months touring South America .

They are different trips, where you try to absorb different landscapes and cultures in a limited time. Or not. Because there are people who never return and become nomads. I think you will not know what kind of destination awaits you until you live the experience, but making the decision to embark on an adventure is not easy. Our society is established in a way and what you are going to do breaks many of the established rules. If the idea of ​​a trip like this (not necessarily a round the world, but one that involves leaving things behind and spending months on the road) haunts your head but you do not dare to take the step, here are a series of reasons that I hope they help you jump into the void of adventure:

Don’t worry, on your return everyone will remain the same

You are used to seeing your friends, or girlfriends, regularly. You feel very attached to your family, your football team, your coffees or beers with them, your Friday dinners … And you are afraid that, if you leave for a long time, when you return everything has changed and you feel like a stranger . It can happen. But the one who will have changed will be you, not them. However, the most common case is that your change is not so great that you no longer appreciate those little things in life that previously filled you. They will all be the same as when you left.…